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¨After discovering my Type 2 Diabetes condition 10 years ago, I have had some ups and downs in managing my diabetes (Like my blood sugar levels). Nonigano gave me a chance to feel better, and I got more comfortable in my everyday life. My energy levels went up, and my blood sugar levels became more stable than before. I can recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their health¨
Daniel Salter, United Kingdom, 43 years

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Welcome to a healthier life with NoniGano+

Used as a traditional healing treatment for thousands of years in remote corners of the globe, the curing properties of Noni juice has remained an untapped secret in most parts of the world.

Now you can discover the benefits of Noni for yourself in the most powerful, innovative, and easy-to-use application.

NoniGano+ is a unique blend of potent fermented Noni Enzymes and Ganoderma Lucidium mushroom which work together to provide a range of amazing healing benefits in one simple solution.

  • Individually, Noni Enzymes and Ganoderma Lucidium mushroom are very powerful natural healers. Together, they work even stronger to improve your health.
  • One bottle has the same effect as 4-5 liters of natural Noni juice, combined with the additional healing properties of Ganoderma Lucidium.
  • Packed with a potent mix of vitamins, nutrients and over 200 different compounds that benefit your health.
  • Safe for Diabetics to consume. No sugar added.
  • Reclaim your confidence and build a happier lifestyle with more energy and stamina.

Noni-Gano is an ideal treatment for people living with:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol problems
  • Blood pressure imbalance
  • Low energy

Take your first step today, and leave the rest to NoniGano+.

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A small financial investment, but massive investment in your health.


“I started using NoniGano+ due to my asthmatic condition. After using the product for 6 weeks, my 3 monthly check up at the respiratory  specialist was  scheduled. The test showed 15% increase in breathing capacity from my last test. It feels great to be back on the tennis court again.”
Tom, Norway (73 years)

“I have taken Nonigano+ for a couple of months and it helped me to gain more energy and boost my immune system. I am less tired and have more energy throughout my day. I had many questions about the product since it was new to me. Thanks to the Nonigano team, your consultation is great.”

Bianca, Austria (32 years)

“I have lived with Rheumatism for many years now. Typically my joints are swelling and my fingers are very painful. This pain increases over the winter as the temperature decreases. After 3 months of taking NoniGano+ ,my fingers felt much better and the swelling was reduced. I am very happy since conventional medicine never really helped.”

Erik, Norway (46 years)

Meet the Founders

“It was love for our family that got us started on this inspiring adventure. After witnessing NoniGano+ healing my dad back to health, we felt a strong desire and obligation to share our product with people around the world. 

Martin and Farrah Braaen, Founders of NoniGano+

Benefits vs illness

The effectiveness of Noni juice in curing such diseases attributes to its inhibitory action on the xanthine oxidase enzymes which are implicated in gout and its associated problems.

Ganoderma mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent and alleviate the pain caused by rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. It does this by targeting the body’s misfired autoimmune responses that cause inflammations.

Various clinical studies have shown the ergogenic qualities of Noni juice which help in enhancing the tolerance, elasticity, and overall physical performance of the body.

The Ganoderma mushroom is known to flush away excess toxins and heavy metals in our body. These heavy metals can drain away energy stored in our body, which is why Lingzhi mushrooms are believed to improve memory, concentration, energy levels and sleep.

Scientific evidence has testified that consumption of Noni juice helps in reducing the level of glycosylated hemoglobin, serum triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body. In addition to this, it works towards enhancing insulin sensitivity and stimulates the uptake of glucose.

Ganoderma mushrooms helps lower cholesterol levels, fasting plasma glucose, and triglyceride levels in the body. It also helps reduce symptoms of diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes.

The results of a study conducted on noni juice revealed that phytonutrients present in noni juice delay the gastric emptying which slows down the digestion resulting in a slow discharge of sugars in the bloodstream. The study also suggests that noni juice stimulates the release of digestive enzymes, cholecystokinin without altering the volume of urine, feces, and intestinal transit.

Noni raises triglycerides, lowers the “good” HDL cholesterol, causes blood clots — which are known to block blood flow to the heart and brain — and can cause an increase in the buildup of plaque within the body, specifically fat, cholesterol and calcium in the blood vessels

Researchers believe that the reason Ganoderma causes this is because of the presence of ganoderic acid B and C. Both these enzymes are known to inhibit the formation and synthesis of cholesterols in our blood vessels.

Studies conducted by Japanese scientists suggest that this mushroom is a natural antihistamine. It has the potential to prevent the release of histamines when you are subjected to some kind of allergies or anaphylactic shock or even hay fever and atopic dermatitis. That is why it is used as a herbal remedy for allergies.

Noni Juice exerts dilating effects on the blood vessels by comforting the smooth muscles cells within the cells walls resulting in a better flow of blood in the arteries.

Ganoderma mushrooms helps lower cholesterol levels, fasting plasma glucose, and triglyceride levels in the body.

Studies have found out that Noni juice have a positive effect on people that have mental struggles. By balancing the body, the mind also feel this wonderful effect.

Studies suggest that various anti-inflammatory and antioxidants compounds found in Ganoderma mushrooms modify the way that nerves transfer signals to the brain, boosting various functions within the central nervous systems and endocrine.

The presence of essential fatty acids and high concentration of biochemical component proxeronine, which is a precursor to the alkaloid xeronine in noni juice supports the efficient functioning of cell membranes, tends to normalize abnormal cells, and helps restore young and healthy skin. Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of Noni juice and have taken the powerful juice since age of 13.

The Ling Zhi 8-protein and Ganodermic acid present in G.Lucidium are rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents. Both these ingredients work in harmony, empowering the immune system and promoting blood circulation. A stronger immune system, in turn, eases free radical activities, which means your wrinkles, fine lines, and inflammations reduces.

Scopoletin present in noni juice possesses anti-bacterial, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-histamine properties which significantly contribute to sustaining the immune defense mechanism of the body.

Ganoderma strengthens and reinforces our white blood cells so that they can react faster when the body detects that bacteria and viruses have entered it. The bacteria can then be eliminated before it causes further harm to our body. it stimulates B-lymphocyte to release antibodies to kill viruses and other harmful microorganisms in your blood.

If your family has a history of going bald or age is catching up with you resulting in hair loss, consuming Ganoderma mushrooms can help you regain your youth by helping your hair grow back.

Why make NoniGano+ a part of your life ?

How your journey to health starts:

Some people recognize healing almost immediately. A few must continue to take Noni for months before they enjoy significant results. But most people will notice a difference within a month or so. 1 Bottle lasts for approximate 3 weeks using recommended dosage. Noni Ganoderma is aiding your body into healing by itself. That’s why it takes some time for the healing process to be complete. But feedback is showing that the reversal of the problems is set and symptoms normally don’t come back.

How much time your body will need to make changes you want depends on many things. These factors includes how serious your condition is and how long you`ve had it, what other circumstances, stresses or issues you also dealing with; and what other therapies and supplements you may be using. Noni might even enhance the benefits of these other therapies and supplements. Noni Ganoderma is not to substitute for your normal medications. It is only to be used as an addition and not as a substitute. A fair test of any health product is to take it for at least 3 months.

Due to the high levels of potassium, it is recommended that people with diseases that affects vital organs, like heart, liver, lungs and kidney, pregnant or breastfeeding women, avoid any products containing Noni.
Although a strict no-no for woman who are in various stages of pregnancy, people who have other ailments can make use of the plant only if they have been advised to do so by their doctor or physicians.

If you suffer from autoimmune disease, you don’t want to strengthen it by taking Noni Ganoderma. Especially if you are on immune-suppressing drugs Noni Ganoderma will not be beneficial for you.

We would like to remind you that Noni Ganoderma is not a substitute for your regular medications. Please take Noni Ganoderma separately.

This may not be for everybody as some are more open for this kind of thinking.

Carefully consider the reason why you are taking Noni Ganoderma.
Form a positively sentence that reflects how you would like your condition to be, as though it was already like this in this present moment.
For example:

  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my immune system healthy and strong.
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my joints flexible and free
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my body chemistry balanced
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my lungs open and free
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep me energetic and mentally alert.

Repeat and focus on this as you take your daily serving. It may help for people who believes in power of thoughts.

We recommend you to take two servings with the cylinder for up to three times a day( Personally I take at least morning and before going to bed at night).

Please take on an empty stomach with a small zip of water. If you are having major problems, or an acute situation you are free to increase the dose with 2 more cylinders per serving until you feel well. When you are feeling better you can return to normal serving.

If you are feeling good, have minor problems or have been using for a longer period you can use a maintenance serving of one cylinder per serving.

For the people who have been taking Noni Ganoderma for a long time you can get creative and take double dose 1 day and no serving the next. All in the spirit of not giving the body time to adjust. (Personally I take two in the morning and two at night with a break after each bottle).

For people with Diabetes it is important to start with a maintenance serving of 1 cylinder to get used to the drop of blood sugar level. Noni Ganoderma is known for reducing levels quite fast so you have to monitor the levels to keep the right insulin intake.

For a normal intake for somebody new to Noni Ganoderma we recommend to start out with one cylinder 2-3 times a day. We believe that having NoniGano+ as a starter, and to finish up the day will add something special to your life.
After a week or so when the body is used to taking Noni Ganoderma, you can increase the dosage to two cylinders. (I like to take two cylinders in the morning and before I go to bed.)

Take two drops of NG under your tongue preferably laying down relaxing. This should be done on an empty stomach with a small glass of warm water in the morning.

When you hold Noni Ganoderma under your tongue, it becomes diluted with a certain amount of saliva. The resulting mixture forms an ¨auto dilution¨, a custom-made remedy tailored to the body`s current needs.

Hold your serving under the tongue for up to 3 minutes if you can. Often the NG escapes out in the mouth which also is fine. But after a while we manage to develop a better technique to keep it there. The procedure is over, when you can sense that there is no more NoniGano+ left under your tongue.

We promote taking Noni Ganoderma together with other supplements like vitamins, and in this way you will not forget either.

However you should separate the intake with your normal medications if you are taking any.

Noni ganoderma is not a substitute for normal medications.

We like to promote drinking lots of water throughout the day. Noni Ganoderma will have a greater effect if your body is hydrated.

The reason why Noni Ganoderma is so effective for easing the process of giving up substances is researched by Dr. Ralph Heinicke, the world`s leading authority on xeronine.

First of all Noni Ganoderma provides essential ingredients that the body needs to make xeronine. Xeronine is a type of chemical called an ¨alkaloid¨, and is essential for health. Nicotine is also an alkaloid. In fact xeronine and Nicotine are shaped very much the same. Other alkaloids like coffein are also shaped in a similar way together with even stronger drugs. However the body does not get addicted to xeronine because the body manufactures it naturally. (One can not get addicted to Noni either).

So which ever addiction you may have Noni Ganoderma may make it a bit easier for you to take the step to quit. Also if your cravings are getting strong try to take a serving to relieve the urges. If you give it a go we hope your body will take a liking to Noni Ganoderma instead.

We also have cases where Noni Ganoderma have helped with food addictions. A technique we teach is to mix Noni Ganoderma in a glass of water and to drink that when you crave for unhealthy food. After it will make you feel better and not ready for stuffing your face.

What can Noni Ganoderma help us with?

Noni Ganoderma has been proved to help for almost everything. The reason for that is the targeting of imballances in the body. Noni Ganoderma tends to help the body in starting a healing process.

Here is a list of problems that Noni Ganoderma has a history of helping.

  • Anti- aging
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety disorders (GAD, Social, gets your body balanced)
  • Allergies
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Anti -fungal (athletes foot etc)
  • Gout
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Relieves stress
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple sclerosis and muscular function
  • Health and longevity
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • Detoxification
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Sinusitis treatment
  • Lack of energy
  • Myalgisk encefalomyelitt (ME) Chronic Fatique Syndrom (CFS)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Substance addiction
  • Chronic Fatique. ME especially
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Jet Lag

The list could go on and on, but these are the ones I would like to highlight.

As you can see, Noni Ganoderma is extremely helpful in many ways to treat illnesses both big and small ( I have no more athletes foot). Though containing moderate amounts of many essential chemical compounds and nutrients, this plant is capable of treating several types of diseases mainly because of the combination of all these important chemicals and other ingredients, all together.



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