How to take Noni Ganoderma?

For a normal intake for somebody new to Noni Ganoderma we recommend to start out with one cylinder 2-3 times a day. We believe that having NoniGano+ as a starter, and to finish up the day will add something special to your life.
After a week or so when the body is used to taking Noni Ganoderma you can increase the dosage to two cylinders.( I like to take two cylinders in the morning and before I go to bed)

Take two drops of NG under your tongue preferably laying down relaxing. This should be done on an empty stomach with a small glass of warm water in the morning.

When you hold Noni Ganoderma under your tongue, it becomes diluted with a certain amount of saliva. The resulting mixture forms an ¨auto dilution¨, a custom-made remedy tailored to the body`s current needs.

Hold your serving under the tongue for up to 3 minutes if you can. Often the NG escapes out in the mouth which also is fine. But after a while we manage to develop a better technique to keep it there. The procedure is over, when you can sense that there is no more NoniGano+ left under your tongue.

We promote taking Noni Ganoderma together with other supplements like vitamins, and in this way you will not forget either.
However you should separate the intake with your normal medications if you are taking any.

Noni ganoderma is not a substitute for normal medications.

We like to promote drinking lots of water throughout the day. Noni Ganoderma will have a greater effect if your body is hydrated.

First serving? Things to keep in mind.

Allergies to Noni Ganoderma is very rare. But we encourage you to use half dose the first week for your body to get used to Noni Ganoderma.

Keep in mind that what seems to be an allergic reaction really may be a cleansing reaction. If you have a buildup of toxins that are ready to be released, one serving of Noni Ganoderma may be enough to invite them out.

If your body is dehydrated, it will not be able to properly manage Noni Ganoderma`s beneficial compounds or flush the toxins that your body may release. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms that can mimic an allergic reaction.

When can you not take Noni Ganoderma?

Due to the high levels of potassium, it is recommended that people with diseases that affects vital organs, like heart, liver, lungs and kidney, pregnant or breastfeeding women, avoid any products containing Noni.

Although a strict no-no for woman who are in various stages of pregnancy, people who have other ailments can make use of the plant only if they have been advised to do so by their doctor or physicians.

If you suffer from autoimmune disease, you don’t want to strengthen it by taking Noni Ganoderma. Especially if you are on immune-suppressing drugs Noni Ganoderma will not be beneficial for you.

We would like to remind you that Noni Ganoderma is not a substitute for your regular medications. Please take Noni Ganoderma separately.

How much, when to take more and when to take less?

We recommend you to take two servings with the cylinder for up to three times a day( Personally I take at least morning and before going to bed at night).
Please take on an empty stomach with a small zip of water. If you are having major problems, or an acute situation you are free to increase the dose with 2 more cylinders per serving until. When you are feeling better you can return to normal serving.

If you are feeling good, have minor problems or have been using for a longer period you can use a maintenance serving of one cylinder per serving.

For the people who have been taking Noni Ganoderma for a long time you can get creative and take double dose 1 day and no serving the next. All in the spirit of not giving the body to adjust. (Personally I take two in the morning and two at night with a break after each bottle).

For people with Diabetes its important to start with a maintenance serving of 1 cylinder to get used to the drop of blood sugar level. Noni Ganoderma is known for reducing levels quite fast so you have to monitor the levels to keep the right insulin intake.

Interupting your Noni Ganoderma intake.

Try interrupting your Noni intake when:

  • Conditions that Non once relieved are coming back.
  • Noni is not helping as much as you think it should
  • Your health have improved to a plateau and does not seem to get any better
  • You have been using Noni Ganoderma for a while and now its time to give your body a rest, to let the body restart for more efficient use later on.
  • To avoid your body getting used to Noni so you don’t have to increase the intake to get the same results.
  • You want to compare the results with taking ,and not taking Noni Ganoderma.
  • You want to encourage your cells to use Noni Ganoderma`s beneficial compounds more effectively and efficiently.

Interupting the serving is done by stopping intake after 2-3 months of daily servings.
You should stop from 2-7 days before starting up again.

(Do not interrupt if you have diabetes, as you need constant support)

Two Noni's on tree.

Using Noni with intention.

This may not be for everybody as some are more open for this kind of thinking.

Carefully consider the reason why you are taking Noni Ganoderma.
Form a positively sentence that reflects how you would like your condition to be, as though it was already like this in this present moment.
For example:

  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my immune system healthy and strong.
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my joints flexible and free
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my body chemistry balanced
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep my lungs open and free
  • I am drinking Noni Ganoderma to keep me energetic and mentally alert.

Repeat and focus on this as you take your daily serving. It may help for people who believes in power of thoughts.